MIYAKO-NIOS is a flavour company located in Yokohama, Japan.
We are ready to offer various aroma products, not only from Japan, but from all over of the world as well.

Company name MIYKO-NIOS, LTD.
Founded 1984
Capital 10 million yen
Managing Director Surname: Miyazaki, given name: Kiyoshi
Business items flavour, fragrance
Legal location 2-17-15 Chigasaki Minami
Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Postal code: 224-0037
Tel:+81 45 949-8801
Fax:+81 45 949-8803
Banks Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ, Setagaya Suruga, Tokyo
Customers leading flavour houses and food makers in Japan
History Kiyoshi Miyazaki, current Managing Director, set up the company in 1982 after working for 6 years in the Sales Department of Dragoco Japan. He started his aroma business as sole agent of a French flavour house in Grasse and over the years gained deep knowledge and experience dealing with a wide range of aroma products from around the world. Miyako-Nios has now nearly 30 years experience in the aroma business.
partners Firmenich Japan
Rauch GmbH, Austria
Palos Verdes International, Australia
Ventos, Spain
Valley Processing, USA
C A Sheimer Hong Kong
C A Sheimer Taiwan
C A Sheimer Malaysia
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